Rough Greensnakes are slender, solid green snakes with a yellowish to white belly.  Recently killed or preserved individuals are blueish. Scales are keeled and the anal plate is divided.


Rough Greensnakes typically reach about 2 feet in total length. 

Habitat / Range: 

This species is found statewide. They inhabit bushes, vines and shrubby vegetation along forest edges, roadways and wetlands.

Natural History: 

Rough Greensnakes eat primarily invertebrates, especially grasshoppers, crickets, and spiders.  They are active only during daylight hours.  Mating occurs in spring, and females lay eggs during the summer. 

Notes / Miscellaneous: 

Rough Greensnakes rely on camouflage as their primary defense.  Only the well-trained eye can spot these snakes when they are within vegetation. 

Supplemental Images: