Smooth Earthsnakes have a brown to brownish-gray dorsum (back), a light-colored belly and small heads. Small, black dots are often apparent on the dorsum. As the name suggests, Smooth Earthsnakes have smooth scales. Their body is somewhat stout given their small size, and the anal plate is divided. 


These snakes rarely exceed 10 inches in total length. 

Habitat / Range: 

Smooth Earthsnakes are found in parts of western Kentucky (all except the western coalfields) and throughout most of eastern Kentucky.  Records are lacking for central and northern Kentucky.   This species is primarily associated with forests in Kentucky.  They also occur near wetlands and along forest edges.  

Natural History: 

Earthsnakes mate in spring and give birth to live young in late summer or fall.  Common prey items include earthworms and other soft bodied invertebrates. They are probably eaten by a variety of animals, including other snake species, birds, and mammals. 

Notes / Miscellaneous: 

Earthsnakes are harmless and never attempt to bite when handled.  They will expel foul-smelling musk when harassed. 

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